Wombwell Karting

Wombwell Karting

Wombwell Karting is my closest track in Barnsley. Its an IKR track which means independent kart racing though it used to be called South Yorkshire Kart Club when it was MSA.

I would highly recommend wombwell as a really good starting track. I like it here and they are really helpful. There are just so many people around to help you and many of us have started together here. 

Starting Karting at Wombwell

One of the most important things I learned when I started karting was to use the right stickers. When you start karting you are classed as a novice. In IAME cadet class this means you should run black and white numbers, not yellow and black. By running novice plates when you start karting and you know the other drivers will know to give you a bit more room on track. You can buy them from Zip North HERE

Excitingly, you can also do your ARKS test at Wombwell. I did mine here in January 2020 READ MORE.
This means you can then start taking part in MSUK (Motorsport UK) races, and eventually the MSUK British Kart Championships which are at the very top of the sport.

2020 Results

Sadly coronavirus has gotten in the way of the racing this year and we’ve all had to have a couple of months off. When you add to that my broken thumb, its been a bit of an odd year for karting!

October 3rd of 1038.52
September 3rd of 1238.83
July 1st of 838.86
April / MayCancelledN/A
March 2nd of 1039.3

2019 Results

My first season (half season) in karting, and most of it on my novice plates! I have really enjoyed learning more about karting, the lines and how to get faster! I ended the 2019 Championship in 4th!

December 5th of 7 41.57
NovemberDNF 40.6
October (Novice)3rd of 5 42.8
September (Novice)4th of 640.03
July (Novice)5th of 740.49

Wombwell is always going to be a special track to us, as its the first track I ever raced at!

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