Kids Karting at Teamsport.

How did we find out about cadet academy? James has tried karting a few times. He’s always wanted to take it up as a hobby, but we thought he had to be 10 years old or so. We once took him to an indoor electric track for his 6th birthday and he loved it. He had a natural ability and a good eye for a racing line. From that moment, we have tried to find information as to how to get started karting.

We really did not have any idea where to start. His Dad, Darren – took him to the Autosport show, and spoke to a couple of karting teams there, but they seemed to be much more of a professional set up than we needed. Arrive and Drive sessions at local (outdoor) tracks, he isn’t old enough for and anywhere else seemed to be hours away.


We then came across TeamSport, completely by chance in a conversation with friends we’d not seen in a while – and their cadet academy. TeamSport have a number of indoor karting tracks around the UK – find your nearest track below or call them on 01252 732300


Academy consists of 3 x 15 minutes sessions. The first session usually consists of their Instructor – Ben – giving instruction and laying out cones on the track, to teach them racing lines or breaking points and overtaking etc. The second session, Ben often comes on track and will either do a ‘follow the leader’ and gives each of the cadets a turn – or he tries to overtake and gets them to defend, or other activities that are relevant to the training that they have had. The third session is a RACE! James has been attending Cadet Academy since November 2018 and has progressed through the beginners course and is one session away from finishing the intermediate sessions. Once he has done that (I think its braking points) he will be moving up to the advanced section of cadet academy.

Cadet Academy has done wonders for James. His confidence and attitude has come on beyond my expectations, and its great to see his eyes light up. It is also a nice chance to see him away from a computer screen – even if all the cadets do their ‘fortnite’ dances with Ben!


At TeamSport locations, you’ll find dedicated, certified instructors. All the staff are competent drivers and fully trained to teach your children. For more information on on Kids Karting lessons at TeamSport, read more here.

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