End of the first week back to school

Sat here in the playground, pondering the week that has been. From tears and tantrums to content and settled once more.

This was Lucys first week at school and not without tears. I suspect not because of school but after havkng had the whole summer at home. Something she’s never experienced before due to my previous work commitments.

James has just taken back to school like a duck to water. Counting down the sleeps – of course – until he is next on track!

I’ve probably struggled the most this week. Tears set in on their first day back as I realised I wasnt sure what to do next – or even who I really am. I ran my last company for so many years that milling about the kitchen i felt somewhat lost. My part time job filled Wednesday and Thursday, so quickly picked my back up and thats left today to fill with cleaning and washing, so all in all not too bad.

I’m always the first in the playground 😂 not one to like being late. Enjoying the sun, for as long as it lasts and listening to childrens laughter as they play outside, readying myself for a weekend if karting Wombwell.

Sports day

Sports day has arrived.

We had to walk for about a 5 minutes to the cricket field were we did sports day. There were lots of children. We were split up into groups and my group was called swaledale B. Once we had arrived we got told which task we were meant to do. Our first game was javelin throwing. We scored 100 points exactly and then we moved on to the obstacle course.

The obstacle course was loads of fun and we got around 70 points for it. I think that is pretty good. Finally, we came to our last task which was these little jumps – like small hurdles. Again, we managed to get our team another 70 points which was epic.


Race time! I was feeling really confident because I came joint first with Josh last year. I got ready at the starting line and waited for the ‘go’. Ran super speedy and came 1st ! #YEAHBOI – maybe I can run even faster that my go kart. 

Next up, the second race and i was up against my nemesis called Josh. Yup, he beat me by a tiny bit. I came second place still happy though.

Urgh, now the race that nearly wiped me out! The long distance 400 metres yep. The race started i fell back to about 7th and then about half way through i gave it my all and managed to squeeze into third. I was exhausted and really struggling to catch my breath, more than normal so I decided maybe i should take some of my inhaler. I had three puffs on my inhaler and after a little while it seemed to settle my tightness. Did you know I have asthma? You can read about that HERE.

All in all not a bad day. 





At school we are taking part in the fiver challenge. In the fiver challenge me and my group got given a fiver, and you were allowed to use our own money to add to it.

Zak, who is in my group bought crisps, cake bars, skittles and candy sticks and Josh is getting some tomorrow. I bought some colourful beads and made customised bracelets for 50p with names on. I made some up for my friends and teachers to show them off. So then was able to take orders and ask my friends what they wanted on them. 

It has been really fun and a good experience over all in the first day we made around £15. and we still have two more days but one of those days i wont be there because I am going karting at Three Sisters Circuit, Wigan. 

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