First time at the Three Sisters Circuit

Our First time at the Three Sisters Circuit

5am! I had to get up at 5am to go karting! The shop wasn’t even open for us to grab some breakfast… Mum normally gets us croissants when were going out in the morning. Mum always has a coffee too – it makes her less grumpy!  Dad had already got our trailer ready so we only had to go and get it before setting off. Both of our karts go into the trailer and all of Dad’s kit with mine and Jamie’s go karts in we set of on our 2 hour journey to Wigan-three sisters.

When we got there it was shocking at how many racing teams and lots expensive equipment. It looked amazing and mum said we looked like the ‘poor cousins’ – I didn’t understand that when she said it. I thought it was because it was our first time at The Three Sisters Circuit with our own karts but it was actually because it was a BIG race meet weekend. 

When we got parked we met up with Jamie and his mum Jennie.  Our parents started to unload the go karts while we raced on scooters after getting sorted we heard our class get called to the grid. BUT. Our karts had a problem so we had to go on the next session. as we waited we watched our class go out and they were really good. It was a different track than the one we used at the kart school in the holidays. You can read about the novice and intermediate lessons we did at the Bill Sisley Kart school HERE.

Getting on Track

The next session is here and me and Jamie just took it slow and steady, it was really fun we just about to get called on to the grid and out of nowhere our indoor training teacher came Ben. We quickly got to the grid. It was much better and we kept up with some of the regular drivers.

By this time our seats were hurting us. My hips were hurting and Jamie’s ribs were hurting. Dad (on insta) put some foam into jamie’s which helped but I think he was already bruised by then. 

Lunch Break

We both had something to eat before the session. It came before we knew it so  we got to the grid and we were blasting round the track. For some reason I was doing Tokyo drifts round corners – ace!. The session ended and it was a lunch break. I had a burger hmmmmm yummy and Jamie had a sausage sandwich also yummy. After lunch we played on our scooters which in the end got boring until It was our turn again. I pulled away from Jamie and was right behind one of the others but he braked too early and caused me to spin out again that session ended really quickly as well.

Almost Over

Sadly it was our last session. Jamie wanted to follow me the racing line but  guess what – I  spun out – however I still managed to catch Jamie up and overtake witch is really good. Unfortunately we had to go home but i had good fun and I can’t wait to go again. Man I a tired and ready for my bed but what an epic day. #yeahboi

Next, I think we are going to Wombwell again probably just saturday but maybe the race on the sunday too. Depends on money and how i feel on the saturday.


Thanks for reading,
James x

Advanced Session 1 – May 19th

Today was my first advanced session in the cadet academy at Teamsport Leeds.

The Paparazzi

I had a giggle at my Mum today, because she had to wear a Hi Viz jacket. This was so my Mum and Jamie’s Mum could take photographs of us from a different angle.

Advanced Session 1 and 2

So today we learned about kart control. Ben  had put out a lot of cones for us to drive around. He made extra chicanes in a few places so that he could test our skills. We had to turn, brake and accelerate our way around the cones.

Today I was on track with Jamie and Cameron. All three of us are good drivers and know the track really well. I enjoyed there only being three of us on track, because it meant I could really focus on what I was learning and not worrying about the traffic on the track.

Advanced Session 3 – RACE

As always, Ben saves the best till last and that means we get to race. We do one warm up lap and come around to the grid. Cameron was driving all over the place in his warm up lap – but I have now been told this is to warm up his tires. This is because the karts (and any race car) performs better if the wheels are warm as it means they have better grip!

How do we get our grid positions?  They are based on the lap times we did in the 2nd session and this meant that I was just behind Cameron in pole, which put Jamie just behind me.

It was a really good race. Cameron got a really good start which meant Jamie and I were left behind as we were a little slower off the start. I was having to really keep Jamie behind me and we were battling for the most of the first half of the race. We touched in the bottom corner and it meant that I got a bit ahead of him. Once I was in clear space I could focus on catching Cameron, which is exactly what I did and I put in my fastest lap!

I was catching him a bit more each lap and this meant that me and Cameron started battling. Jamie began to catch us up and all three of us were flying round together. There was no overtaking and I think that is because we are all very competitive!  I really enjoyed our session today and learned a lot.

Final Results

1st – Cameron
2nd – Me
3rd – Jamie

Because I love karting so much. Mum has arranged some outdoor karting for me. Jamie’s mum has booked him on too and we will be going to the Three Sisters track in Wigan during the May Half Term. We are so excited. You will have to read our blog on that one!



Jamie and i are both intermediate cadets. I have been doing it a little bit longer, Jamie is just as good. Today was a cadet training session there were not many people there, I’m guesting  that was because it was Easter. But it meant that Jamie I had a blast. we were learning  about defending lines and the final session we had a big race and i just managed to beat my best lap time yet.

During the third session, Ben came on track. He is the cadet instructor. as he was on track he tested us all on our defending lines and he tried to get past each one off us – it was really fun. It tested our skills. I cant wait for the next session.

Jamie and I finished just 2 tenths off each other with what I think our both our best lap times. I got my best ever lap time with a 46.665  and Jamie was a 46.854! I love love love racing with Jamie . It is anyones race when we set off.

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