Sports day

Sports day has arrived.

We had to walk for about a 5 minutes to the cricket field were we did sports day. There were lots of children. We were split up into groups and my group was called swaledale B. Once we had arrived we got told which task we were meant to do. Our first game was javelin throwing. We scored 100 points exactly and then we moved on to the obstacle course.

The obstacle course was loads of fun and we got around 70 points for it. I think that is pretty good. Finally, we came to our last task which was these little jumps – like small hurdles. Again, we managed to get our team another 70 points which was epic.


Race time! I was feeling really confident because I came joint first with Josh last year. I got ready at the starting line and waited for the ‘go’. Ran super speedy and came 1st ! #YEAHBOI – maybe I can run even faster that my go kart. 

Next up, the second race and i was up against my nemesis called Josh. Yup, he beat me by a tiny bit. I came second place still happy though.

Urgh, now the race that nearly wiped me out! The long distance 400 metres yep. The race started i fell back to about 7th and then about half way through i gave it my all and managed to squeeze into third. I was exhausted and really struggling to catch my breath, more than normal so I decided maybe i should take some of my inhaler. I had three puffs on my inhaler and after a little while it seemed to settle my tightness. Did you know I have asthma? You can read about that HERE.

All in all not a bad day. 





At school we are taking part in the fiver challenge. In the fiver challenge me and my group got given a fiver, and you were allowed to use our own money to add to it.

Zak, who is in my group bought crisps, cake bars, skittles and candy sticks and Josh is getting some tomorrow. I bought some colourful beads and made customised bracelets for 50p with names on. I made some up for my friends and teachers to show them off. So then was able to take orders and ask my friends what they wanted on them. 

It has been really fun and a good experience over all in the first day we made around £15. and we still have two more days but one of those days i wont be there because I am going karting at Three Sisters Circuit, Wigan. 

at the car show

Our friend Barry is part of Harrogate Car Enthusiasts. He puts on a charity car show every year for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Getting ready

I got up early to get ready for the car show, I dressed myself  and then me and my dad went to pick my go kart up from work. When we arrived at work i helped my dad unload our truck that was at work. Once we unloaded the truck we carefully loaded my go kart into the truck. As we set off home, I remembered i had forgotten my kit. Luckily we were going home anyway to pick up my mum and sister.  At home i had to have breakfast and do my teeth and then we set off to the car show and guess what happened – you guessed it I FORGOT MY GO KIT. We went back and my mum got out and got it.

Getting there

Finally we were on our way to the car show and i was petrified that the go kart was going to fall out the back of the car because the end of it was sticking out because it was to big even for pick up truck. Eventually got there in one piece and we struggled to get the kart on the trolley. We worked together and did it. it took all of us to push it to the show. Dad parked my go kart next to someone called Chris White who owns BOXFAST RACING and the car he brought was a awesome racing Mini.

at the show

We set the go kart up on the ground. i had a little sit in it after that me and my sister had a go on the bouncy castle.  Me and my sister Lucy really enjoyed it. When we came back from the bouncy castle i found a little boy sitting in my go kart he seemed to enjoy it. Lucy was nagging for a teddy that she had seen. While she was nagging me and my mum went to get lunch and an ice cream.

After lunch we went for a walk. there were so many cars. Car groups from all over came and displayed their cars. All of them were really clean and shiney. It was great to see. There was even some old steam engines. One old tractor too.

Supercars were in one area, and there was a load of scooters too. My favourite was the MINI of that chris brought. I even got to sit in it!

James in the BOXFAST MINI


At the end of the day, Lucy finally got what she asked for. Dad took her over to the teddy competition stand, but she didn’t win the teddy. I went to the bouncy castle with my friend Harry. On the way back we saw peter rabbit so we ran to get Lucy.

Lucy loved peter rabbit and gave him a high five!



For the bank holiday weekend I went to Northumberland. I went with my friend called Harry, his mum Amy and her boyfriend called Lee.

Arrival and Set Up

We arrived in Northumberland around midday. Even though it was windy it was bright and sunny too. Me and Harry played superheros while his Mum and Lee tried to put up the tent. It was not as easy as normal because it was so windy. After we had played superheros for a bit we helped them put the tent up. With teamwork we managed to put the tent up fairly easily if i do say so my self.

Once we put up the tent,  me and Harry went to play football in the park. We had a little football match with some of our new friends we had made. Harry kicked the ball and it rebounded off a ladder and went over the brick wall -whoops! We went back to tell Harry’s parents and they weren’t that happy.

As night fell, me and Harry got into our pj’s and brushed our teeth and came back to go to sleep. Because it was so windy in the night, the noise kept me up.

Holy Island

After eating our breakfast we drove to Holy Island. We went over the bridge that gets cut off when the tide comes in. We went to look around the Lindisfarne centre. It was very interesting. Afterwards me and Harry went climbing and we ran up and down the sand dunes on the beach and we went walking up normal hills. After we got back we walked Harry ‘s dog called Alfie.

That night we played a card game called uno. It was really fun. When went to brush our teeth, this time there was a big spider waiting for us. We ran out while we were doing our teeth. It wasn’t as windy this night, so we slept so much better.

A Weekend of Sleepovers

Wow! A weekend of sleepovers. Friday (after Karting where i got a new PB – READ HERE) I stayed with Harry – who I am going camping with soon – it was his birthday and we stayed up till 4 o’clock in the morning playing fortnite! My Mum came to pick me up at 9am to go to Scarborough Sealife Centre. I was very very tired and I didn’t really want to go. It was quite good fun, but i would have preferred to sleep. Kate was our old Childminder, who we went with because we are all friends and we then went out for lunch together. I played pool with my friend and my little sister played with her friend with their toy dogs.

Rushing to get back because we were staying at my God mothers house Saturday night, and because it was so late Dad dropped us there before going home for our stuff. We all had a sleepover at Karley’s (she is Grace’s Mum). We had fun as always. We got up and had breakfast and Karley made a massive Sunday dinner. Whilst we were eating our lunch we were watching touring cars.

Dad always watches touring cars, but when we are at home Dad normally skips through it and just watches the 3 main races. At karleys house we were watching it live, so we also watched other classes too.  Dad kept hearing the name ‘James Kell’ and shouted me to come and watch. It turns out there is another James Kell and he is a racing driver. He is racing in a Ginetta GT4 SuperCup. You can find out more about ‘the other’ JamesKell HERE.

Such a cool end to a busy weekend!


Eggcelent Autograss and Easter

Easter Holidays this year were a bit different for us. We used to have a Childminder, but she doesn’t work long enough. My Mum and Dad need us to be able to stay till 5 o’clock or a bit later some times. This meant that we had to go to school club. I do not like school club. Well, I didn’t.

Mum did it really well, i had some days with her, some with Grandma and some at school club. It wasn’t as bad as I thought because I had some friends there too.



Friday, we went to Mum and Dad’s friends house where we had a bbq and played in their hot tub. They bought a new one, with seats and a bed bit. It had coloured lights, and they have put a TV in the hut that they have put the hot tub in. It was epic! In the morning we had a massive breakfast and chilled out for a bit. Then we went home. I went Karting on Easter Sunday after our egg hunt. The egg hunt was great. Mum had hidden the eggs easily for my little sister, to make it easy for her to find them before we had to leave the house at 8am for karting which was really good.

Easter Monday we went grasstracking. This is Autograss racing. We went to the York Autograss club it is one of 2 that we have near us. My biggest sister Megan came with her boyfriend Andy and we had so much fun. We really love going grassing, but dont get to do it as much now we go karting so much! We have friends that do grassing.

April 7th

Today is my Biggest sisters Birthday – Megan. She’s 19!!! We’re seeing her tomorrow for a birthday tea, but more importantly today I was back on track. I have been struggling recently with my karting and just dont seem to be able to get past my current best time. I just dont seem to feel at one with the karts at the moment, even though they have just been re calibrated. I had hoped some time away would help. I just dont know whats up with me at the moment. Humpf

Home to one of Mums most incredible sunday dinners though – so happy again now 🙂

Mum’s Birthday

Snuck away for a quiet weekend at Centre Parcs by ourselves this time to celebrate Mum’s birthday. It wasnt a big one, but it was so so nice to chill out together as were normally always on the go doing stuff.

Besties <3

Grace and I have been friends since we were little babies. We can go long times without seeing eachother. i do miss her, and when we see eachother its awesome. I love seeing Grace and wish I could see her more, she just lives too far away now.  Ahh, look how cute we were!

Indoor Funfair

totally epic day today when we went to the indoor funfair. we had burgers, and doughnuts and went on so many rides i felt sick! So much fun! I cant wait until they come back again to do it all over and over and over! I am now finally tall enough to go on the dogems on my own too wooohoo!


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