My Birthday at Teamsport

I have been waiting for my birthday at Teamsport for weeks and weeks.   Alex was getting dropped off for my birthday at 9 and then we were on our way to pick up my other friends. Only he turned up at 8! 😂
The wait is finally over

On the way to my birthday we picked up a few of my friends. First we got Bradley because he lives the closest and then Josh. Everyone else is meeting me there.

Mum is always early, and she had the room to set up and stuff so we were stupidly early. Ben came over to say hi – he still has and wears the bracelet I made him for the fiver challenge! Jamie and Lewis then arrived too, they are karting buddies. I met Jamie and Lewis at Teamsport. They are both very good drivers. We have been through the kart school at Teamsport and at Three Sisters in Wigan. Lewis was the winner of the Scholarship at Three sisters! Anyway, so we went and got our overalls and then just stood talking. We stood beside the track watching the people before us. My friends found it quite tough to put there overalls on because they are not used to them.  It happend to me the first couple of times I had to put them on. 

Track Time

The first session was absolute carnage 😂.  With most of us not knowing what to do everyone was just everywhere. At one point I managed to spin out in the confusion of what was going on and then someone got black flagged. Everyone was bumping in to everyone. IT WAS CRAZY!

The second session was a bit more calm with everyone knowing what to do. A little bit at least. I was at the front of the pack and i was about to lap someone but they spun in front of me and then i went straight into him. Big impact to be honest. I managed to get past him after the impact. It was the final lap. The third but best session was a race. 3,  2, 1,  and away we go. Unluckily I got spun out into the first chicane straight to dead last luckily it was done by lap times otherwise I would be last. So happy to win because I got the fastest lap time. 


The party room was huge. We ran about like wild animals – it was awesome. We had pizza – like the best ever pizza i have ever had – mum bought nibbles like sausages rolls. Lucy my sister ate all the cucumbers and carrots but did let us have some of the fruit. After we ate all the food, Mum brought out a cake that Teamsport had given us with candles on. Everyone sang Happy Birthday *cringe* and then we ate cake. We then mucked about for a bit longer. When the party was over, we had to pop all the balloons, my sister did not like it one bit and mum had to cover her ears! At the end I handed out the party bags and left it was an amazing way to celebrate my birthday at teamsport.

We dropped everyone home that we had picked up, and then Alex came and stayed over for a sleepover. We opened our party bags, ate cake  and we played on my xbox. The party bags were pretty decent to be honest. They were drawstring bags with straps too and had loads of Teamsport goodies in. Well happy. 


Summer Series Final

TeamSport Leeds – Summer Series

My kart in the first session was rubbish! Fortunately it was just a practice session.  There were so many people at the track, there was a race in between the cadet and junior sessions, which made everything a bit livelier. 

Jump start by one of the others in the first race, but I was just ahead of him in 3rd. I was pushing really hard, and we were all driving close. I pushed a bit too hard and spun out and thankfully, the second race is a reverse grid! 

Under Pressure

You can feel the pressure! Another jump start on the grid!! I was behind one driver, who was a little on the slower side, but he was defending well. I had to keep calm and just wait for a chance, so I waited and waited. My chance then came, and I was in the right place at the right time and nipped through the gap that was open. I then had a few laps to pull away from the rest of the pack before they were able to find their gaps to pass. 

They did then get passed, and were catching me quite quickly. I held them back and was first through the chequered flag. This meant I finished the Summer Series in 3rd Overall.

What a season, my first summer series, my very first season and I finished on the podium! So happy! Super well done to Sam who was the overall winner, and Victor who came second.

Sam has his own YouTube Channel, and you can visit it and watch his videos HERE


OMG! Yes they did. There was a Dad’s race. Ben, Matt and the rest of the team at Teamsport Leeds decided an actual head to head race might not be the best idea! They realised it could be carnage! Race format was fastest lap, and the winner would be the one that simply got the fastest lap time. It was so excitng. Harrys Dad was winning for a while – harry came 3rd in the juniors series – but was soon overtaken by Sam’s dad. Then completely out of nowhere MY DAD did the fastest lap! Then another and another and another and I totally understand when Mum says that’s where I get it from. YEHBOI – he only went and won it. Super proud Dad. Top Bannana!


Learn more about TeamSport Leeds HERE

Back at it – another early Sunday start.

Back at it today – I had another another early start. My Mum booked a very last minute space for me. She messaged our coach (Ben) at like 9pm last night. He wasn’t at the track today though because it’s his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!

Session 1

Harry, who is in a bigger kart, had brought some friends for his Birthday. This meant there was a lot more people than usual. Two of his friends had never been in a go kart before. This made our first session very interesting. There was a lot of overtaking, some tidy and some not so much. Sam and Me had a big battle there was a bit of bumping but we made it as clean as we could. it was very close. Sam finished with a 46.1s fastest lap and me with a 46.2s.


Session 2

In the second session i had a much faster go kart, number 25. It was still a very close race. Sam is a very good driver. i started behind Sam and stayed behind for a few laps until i snuck into a gap it was an amazing race and my lap time was 45.9! The whole second session was much better and we all got some good track time. Its just a shame it is all over so fast. I can’t wait to be back at it again!

Sam Stoner

Sam has his own YouTube channel – super cool – and you can follow him HERE: I really hope that my Mum and Dad will get me a camera one day. I want so many things to help me get better and faster. I know they all cost money so i have started saving. I’m doing more chores around the house too to help.


Have you seen that I am doing pretty muddy – race for life? Read about it

45.33s Lap Time!!!!

Jamie and I had a private session with the cadet coach Ben today. Ben had hurt his foot. He had just hurt it when he fell whilst messing about and jumping around in the pit lane!

We both have just one part of the intermediate training left to do and then we can start advanced sessions. Jamie needed to do breaking points and I need to do racing lines. Ben managed to set the track up so that the first half we had cones out for the racing line. The second half we did our breaking points for corners. If we get our breaking points right it will help us carry our speed better around the track.

In the second session, we just got to race. Before we set off, my Mum gave me another ‘nitros kiss’ and told me to give it my all. The karts can really differ, and some of them are obviously so much slower. Sometimes Jamie and me get karts that are similar and sometimes they are not. This week we had karts that seemed quite similar. My kart in the second session was a good kart and with mums nitro kiss I totally smashed my best lap time EVER EVER.

I managed to do a lap in 45.333s! I don’t think I will ever be able to do that again but I hope I can – especially in the summer series next week!


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New PB!

My Mum booked me a sneaky session on track on Friday which was wicked. I am very lucky to have my Mum because she does so much to try and get me karting as much as possible. When I got to the track there was only one other family that had booked onto the same session. There was 2 children and their Dad. They were much older children though and they were all in the faster karts. The faster karts do scare me sometimes so I dont always do very well.

Session 1 was good, its always slower and harder because the karts are cold. Its usually okay right up until the faster karts come up behind me and they make me scared. I did okay though and kept my lines nice. I always look thorough my lap times with my Mum and Dad and they were reasonable. My usual lap times are usually in the high 46s to mid 47s. I have been working to get my average lap times better as they can be a few seconds off my best laps during my sessions.

Just before the 2nd session Mum gave me a Nitros kiss. She told me not to move over for the others on the track and to just do my own thing. So I did. And I smashed my fastest lap time ever. My best time before was a 46.668 and this time I did a 46.350! YEAH!



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Kids Karting at Teamsport.

How did we find out about cadet academy? James has tried karting a few times. He’s always wanted to take it up as a hobby, but we thought he had to be 10 years old or so. We once took him to an indoor electric track for his 6th birthday and he loved it. He had a natural ability and a good eye for a racing line. From that moment, we have tried to find information as to how to get started karting.

We really did not have any idea where to start. His Dad, Darren – took him to the Autosport show, and spoke to a couple of karting teams there, but they seemed to be much more of a professional set up than we needed. Arrive and Drive sessions at local (outdoor) tracks, he isn’t old enough for and anywhere else seemed to be hours away.


We then came across TeamSport, completely by chance in a conversation with friends we’d not seen in a while – and their cadet academy. TeamSport have a number of indoor karting tracks around the UK – find your nearest track below or call them on 01252 732300


Academy consists of 3 x 15 minutes sessions. The first session usually consists of their Instructor – Ben – giving instruction and laying out cones on the track, to teach them racing lines or breaking points and overtaking etc. The second session, Ben often comes on track and will either do a ‘follow the leader’ and gives each of the cadets a turn – or he tries to overtake and gets them to defend, or other activities that are relevant to the training that they have had. The third session is a RACE! James has been attending Cadet Academy since November 2018 and has progressed through the beginners course and is one session away from finishing the intermediate sessions. Once he has done that (I think its braking points) he will be moving up to the advanced section of cadet academy.

Cadet Academy has done wonders for James. His confidence and attitude has come on beyond my expectations, and its great to see his eyes light up. It is also a nice chance to see him away from a computer screen – even if all the cadets do their ‘fortnite’ dances with Ben!


At TeamSport locations, you’ll find dedicated, certified instructors. All the staff are competent drivers and fully trained to teach your children. For more information on on Kids Karting lessons at TeamSport, read more here.

Summer Series

Last night marked the beginning of the Summer Series at TeamSport Leeds. Its when the cadets get to race against each other and its a points series. There are trophies each week and we accrue points over the weeks. Jamie is coming too – so that is awesome.

The series is run over 3 sessions, a qualifying session where we are then put on the grid based on on our lap times, followed by a grid and then a reverse grid.

My first session was good, but I was stuck behind Jamie and couldn’t pass him as were so similar. In the second session my seat wasn’t secure and then the third I was doing okay till I got bashed and then got caught out whilst there was 4 of us trying to pass traffic. Two manage to slip past me.


Not to worry though. There’s always the next one, and I had so much fun with Jamie – who came 2nd and walked away with a trophy! Nice one Jamie 🙂


Cadets Go Crazy 😜

Yikes! That was a crazy session!

Haven’t been karting for a couple of weeks, and it showed. I went to cadet club which is where the advanced cadets thrash it out. 🏎 No lessons. Just racing. 🏎

I got bashed around quite a bit, hurt my back and knocked my confidence as I got spun round twice. To be fair I wasn’t holding my line very well – lesson learnt!

Mum and Dad made me get back out for the second session – I’m glad they did – it felt a lot better, held cleaner lines and I was closer to my fastest time.

There was quite a smash though and one of the other cadets came off and another injured his arms and wrists 😔 Hope to see them soon and make sure they’re okay.

I was supposed to be taking part in the Summer Sprints, but the time ha been pulled forward and we don’t know if we can make it.

Gutted isn’t the word 😭 Can’t wait to get back in track.

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