Summer Series Final

TeamSport Leeds – Summer Series

My kart in the first session was rubbish! Fortunately it was just a practice session.  There were so many people at the track, there was a race in between the cadet and junior sessions, which made everything a bit livelier. 

Jump start by one of the others in the first race, but I was just ahead of him in 3rd. I was pushing really hard, and we were all driving close. I pushed a bit too hard and spun out and thankfully, the second race is a reverse grid! 

Under Pressure

You can feel the pressure! Another jump start on the grid!! I was behind one driver, who was a little on the slower side, but he was defending well. I had to keep calm and just wait for a chance, so I waited and waited. My chance then came, and I was in the right place at the right time and nipped through the gap that was open. I then had a few laps to pull away from the rest of the pack before they were able to find their gaps to pass. 

They did then get passed, and were catching me quite quickly. I held them back and was first through the chequered flag. This meant I finished the Summer Series in 3rd Overall.

What a season, my first summer series, my very first season and I finished on the podium! So happy! Super well done to Sam who was the overall winner, and Victor who came second.

Sam has his own YouTube Channel, and you can visit it and watch his videos HERE


OMG! Yes they did. There was a Dad’s race. Ben, Matt and the rest of the team at Teamsport Leeds decided an actual head to head race might not be the best idea! They realised it could be carnage! Race format was fastest lap, and the winner would be the one that simply got the fastest lap time. It was so excitng. Harrys Dad was winning for a while – harry came 3rd in the juniors series – but was soon overtaken by Sam’s dad. Then completely out of nowhere MY DAD did the fastest lap! Then another and another and another and I totally understand when Mum says that’s where I get it from. YEHBOI – he only went and won it. Super proud Dad. Top Bannana!


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