New PB!

My Mum booked me a sneaky session on track on Friday which was wicked. I am very lucky to have my Mum because she does so much to try and get me karting as much as possible. When I got to the track there was only one other family that had booked onto the same session. There was 2 children and their Dad. They were much older children though and they were all in the faster karts. The faster karts do scare me sometimes so I dont always do very well.

Session 1 was good, its always slower and harder because the karts are cold. Its usually okay right up until the faster karts come up behind me and they make me scared. I did okay though and kept my lines nice. I always look thorough my lap times with my Mum and Dad and they were reasonable. My usual lap times are usually in the high 46s to mid 47s. I have been working to get my average lap times better as they can be a few seconds off my best laps during my sessions.

Just before the 2nd session Mum gave me a Nitros kiss. She told me not to move over for the others on the track and to just do my own thing. So I did. And I smashed my fastest lap time ever. My best time before was a 46.668 and this time I did a 46.350! YEAH!



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