My Birthday at Teamsport

My Birthday at Teamsport
I have been waiting for my birthday at Teamsport for weeks and weeks.   Alex was getting dropped off for my birthday at 9 and then we were on our way to pick up my other friends. Only he turned up at 8! πŸ˜‚
The wait is finally over

On the way to my birthday we picked up a few of my friends. First we got Bradley because he lives the closest and then Josh. Everyone else is meeting me there.

Mum is always early, and she had the room to set up and stuff so we were stupidly early. Ben came over to say hi – he still has and wears the bracelet I made him for the fiver challenge! Jamie and Lewis then arrived too, they are karting buddies. I met Jamie and Lewis at Teamsport. They are both very good drivers. We have been through the kart school at Teamsport and at Three Sisters in Wigan. Lewis was the winner of the Scholarship at Three sisters! Anyway, so we went and got our overalls and then just stood talking. We stood beside the track watching the people before us. My friends found it quite tough to put there overalls on because they are not used to them.  It happend to me the first couple of times I had to put them on. 

Track Time

The first session was absolute carnage πŸ˜‚.  With most of us not knowing what to do everyone was just everywhere. At one point I managed to spin out in the confusion of what was going on and then someone got black flagged. Everyone was bumping in to everyone. IT WAS CRAZY!

The second session was a bit more calm with everyone knowing what to do. A little bit at least. I was at the front of the pack and i was about to lap someone but they spun in front of me and then i went straight into him. Big impact to be honest. I managed to get past him after the impact. It was the final lap. The third but best session was a race. 3,  2, 1,  and away we go. Unluckily I got spun out into the first chicane straight to dead last luckily it was done by lap times otherwise I would be last. So happy to win because I got the fastest lap time. 


The party room was huge. We ran about like wild animals – it was awesome. We had pizza – like the best ever pizza i have ever had – mum bought nibbles like sausages rolls. Lucy my sister ate all the cucumbers and carrots but did let us have some of the fruit. After we ate all the food, Mum brought out a cake that Teamsport had given us with candles on. Everyone sang Happy Birthday *cringe* and then we ate cake. We then mucked about for a bit longer. When the party was over, we had to pop all the balloons, my sister did not like it one bit and mum had to cover her ears! At the end I handed out the party bags and left it was an amazing way to celebrate my birthday at teamsport.

We dropped everyone home that we had picked up, and then Alex came and stayed over for a sleepover. We opened our party bags, ate cake  and we played on my xbox. The party bags were pretty decent to be honest. They were drawstring bags with straps too and had loads of Teamsport goodies in. Well happy. 


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