Kartal Motorsport Test Day at Hooten Park

Kartal Motorsport were recommended to my Mum and Dad last time we were at Wombwell as a potentially good team to have some practice sessions with. Although we can run on our own – Dad being a mechanic. We know there is a lot for us to learn. Mum made contact with Alan at Kartal, and arranged a testing session with him.

Arriving at Hooten

We had just arrived from 2 and a half hour trip to realise i had forgotten my overalls i was fuming and so was my mum and dad. Luckily Jamie who runs with Kartal Motorsport,  had a spare. I didn’t know what to say i couldn’t be luckier.

As my Dad worked on my go kart i played on my scooter. Suddenly, out of nowhere cadets were out on track but we weren’t ready yet so we missed the first session. Before long the next session arrived – it was a fast and furious day. The first session was a bit of a struggle finding the grip but we got there in the end.

Driver Coach

One of the biggest benefits of running with Kartal is that I had my own driver coach for the day. Mum has only just figured out my Alfano 6 (data computer) and managed to download the data so its good that she had someone to look at it with. Tom was my driver coach and he stood out on track. He watched my driving, the way I took my corners and where i was accelerating and breaking. After each session Mum downloaded the data from the Alfano and she and Tom and I would look through the data and could see what I was doing. 

Each session, Tom would give me something to focus on and to try and improve. The one thing I found the hardest at Hooten was to clip both curbs in the chicane, I could always get the second one but not always the first one. 


Dad (@mehcanic.kell) spent a bit of time with the top guy at Kartal Motorsport called Alan. He helped dad around my kart and they tried a few different things. I was on slightly the wrong gearing when we arrived. Dad changed it after a while. It didn’t make too much difference. Apparently the track was slippier than normal because of some other racing that had been on before our testing session and no-one was making their usual times. In one session I managed to loose the plug form my air box, but Kartal had a spare box I could borrow. 

My Dad changed the set up of the wheels on my kart because it is very slidy at the back end, but it didn’t make much difference either. I quite like it a bit looser though to be fair. I love the feeling of drifting in the corners. 

Over the day, we managed to get 7 sessions on track, it would have been 8 if we’d got out for the first one. It was a very tiring day but so much fun. I learned a lot. Dad learned a lot and Mum says she did too. Lucy spent most of the day on her space hopper happy as anything.

I am hoping to get out with Kartal Motorsport for one of the championships next year #YesNow.


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