James’s Results

James's Results

James hasn’t long been racing at the time of starting this results page. We will make sure we post all of James’s results, the good the bad and the ugly!

Making sure to clearly show his IKR and MSUK races as well as documenting when he was a novice (N).

James’s 2020 MSUK Results

DateTrackResultFastest Lap (Final)
OctoberHooton Park11/1343.09
SeptemberHooton Park5/941.53
AugustRowrah14/22 (N)56.81
AugustRowrah12/18 (N)56.21
AugustFulbeckDNF (N)54.19
AugustGYG11/16 (N)50.8
JulyFulbeckDNF (N)N/A
FebruaryWhilton Mill25/32 (N)54.69

James’s 2020 IKR Results

DateTrackResultFastest Lap (Final)
SeptemberFulbeckDNF 53.85

For anyone that has chosen to follow us (thank you for being with us) that is not into motorsports, when we’ve written DNF, that means did not finish. A DNF can be for a number of reasons, at the time of writing the majority have been because of other drivers. He has suffered the occasional mechanical failure too and was rained off on one occasion to date.

Karting generally continues in the rain. That is unless its absoluty bouncing down and unsafe to drive! We are thinking we need to buy another race suit so he’s always got a dry one on a wet weekend, that’s because its hard to dry them in our motorhome!

You can take a look yourself at all the results from Alpha Timing and selecting the track or kart club of interest. Alpha timing does most of the tracks but a few are on TAG.

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