Hooton park

Jamie and James

I was nervous and excited about going to Hooton park because i was trying out my new engine and carb Jamie was coming to watch was really good.

When we arrived at Hooton park my dad straight away went to both mine and Jamie’s go kart. The first session came i wasn’t going out because my engine wasn’t on probably. Jamie however did very well and was very fast. luckily the second session i managed to get out and was also quite fast and Jamie broke his lap record wich is amazing. The third session was here and me and Jamie and someone else had a really but i eventually got past them both. The wheather was very warm.

The forth was the best because i got my fastest lap time which was also very good. The fifth session arrived and it was the worst because I had the biggest crash i’ve had, someone spun and i went into him and jabed my arm into my engine it hurt it was getting late and we had two more sessions. The sixth session was here we had another close battle again with Jamie and the other person butt this time i didn’t get past them. The last but not least the seventh session, it was a normal session with none to bother me so it was fine. when we arrived back at home it was about 8 o clock

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