End of the first week back to school

Sat here in the playground, pondering the week that has been. From tears and tantrums to content and settled once more.

This was Lucys first week at school and not without tears. I suspect not because of school but after havkng had the whole summer at home. Something she’s never experienced before due to my previous work commitments.

James has just taken back to school like a duck to water. Counting down the sleeps – of course – until he is next on track!

I’ve probably struggled the most this week. Tears set in on their first day back as I realised I wasnt sure what to do next – or even who I really am. I ran my last company for so many years that milling about the kitchen i felt somewhat lost. My part time job filled Wednesday and Thursday, so quickly picked my back up and thats left today to fill with cleaning and washing, so all in all not too bad.

I’m always the first in the playground πŸ˜‚ not one to like being late. Enjoying the sun, for as long as it lasts and listening to childrens laughter as they play outside, readying myself for a weekend if karting Wombwell.

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