45.33s Lap Time!!!!


Jamie and I had a private session with the cadet coach Ben today. Ben had hurt his foot. He had just hurt it when he fell whilst messing about and jumping around in the pit lane!

We both have just one part of the intermediate training left to do and then we can start advanced sessions. Jamie needed to do breaking points and I need to do racing lines. Ben managed to set the track up so that the first half we had cones out for the racing line. The second half we did our breaking points for corners. If we get our breaking points right it will help us carry our speed better around the track.

In the second session, we just got to race. Before we set off, my Mum gave me another ‘nitros kiss’ and told me to give it my all. The karts can really differ, and some of them are obviously so much slower. Sometimes Jamie and me get karts that are similar and sometimes they are not. This week we had karts that seemed quite similar. My kart in the second session was a good kart and with mums nitro kiss I totally smashed my best lap time EVER EVER.

I managed to do a lap in 45.333s! I don’t think I will ever be able to do that again but I hope I can – especially in the summer series next week!


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