Coronavirus Lockdown – Part 1


Due to Coronavirus, me and my family have been stuck in lockdown since the 18th of march so today is my 20th day! I shared on my facebook before lockdown that I was going to be super careful when karting. The actual lockdown happened so quick tho. So far life has been really hard without karting. Looking on the bright sight the past few weeks we have had quite a good time with no SATS and no school.

Keeping Healthy

I’ve started to eat more of my fruit and veg than usual to keep my body healthy, I’ve been taking vitamin C every day as well. Because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus lockdown) I have been taking extra preventative inhaler – just incase. Keeping fit and healthy is always important. More so at the moment. To keep my fitness level up i have been doing P.E with Joe wicks on his Youtube Channel every morning with my little sister. Mum did it once with me but she’s working from home.

If you suffer from asthma, ASTHMA UK have loads of useful advice. Advice on coronavirus, lockdown, and asthma in general.

Keeping Busy

Me and my family have cleared out the garden and started to plant some strawberries and other bits and bobs. My amazing Dad has started to dig a whole in our garden to fit some new pipes in our garden. It means we will be able to get the hot tub back out again soon. mum and dad both put their money towards a PlaySeat and Logitec steering wheel and pedals (we bought ours second hand on Facebook Marketplace though) literally the weekend before lock down and they did it. I play it pretty much every day along with my dad i play project cars f1 2019 and wreckfest.

Me and my sister go out a lot, and love the trampoline. Dad has put up my Grump’s old tent and Lucy has enjoyed playing in it.

My mum has tried her best to order some online shopping but it is extremely hard since most of the world is too so instead we order from the local butcher and the fruit and veg shop even the bakery are delivering their goodies.

Clapping for our carers

We have been going out to clap on a thursday night 8pm with the rest of the UK. Mum cried the first night she said is was “very emotional”. When we clap we are clapping for the NHS, Police and Fire as well as carers, supermarket workers and every single person that is keeping the country going. The second time, Mum let us ring our cow bells from the Tour de Yorkshire!! We made a right racket! We have also done some pictures that we have put in our windows.

Mum has written about my Asthma (she has her own blog @motorsport_mum), you can read it here: –>


Part 2 coming soon…

My Birthday at Teamsport

I have been waiting for my birthday at Teamsport for weeks and weeks.   Alex was getting dropped off for my birthday at 9 and then we were on our way to pick up my other friends. Only he turned up at 8! 😂
The wait is finally over

On the way to my birthday we picked up a few of my friends. First we got Bradley because he lives the closest and then Josh. Everyone else is meeting me there.

Mum is always early, and she had the room to set up and stuff so we were stupidly early. Ben came over to say hi – he still has and wears the bracelet I made him for the fiver challenge! Jamie and Lewis then arrived too, they are karting buddies. I met Jamie and Lewis at Teamsport. They are both very good drivers. We have been through the kart school at Teamsport and at Three Sisters in Wigan. Lewis was the winner of the Scholarship at Three sisters! Anyway, so we went and got our overalls and then just stood talking. We stood beside the track watching the people before us. My friends found it quite tough to put there overalls on because they are not used to them.  It happend to me the first couple of times I had to put them on. 

Track Time

The first session was absolute carnage 😂.  With most of us not knowing what to do everyone was just everywhere. At one point I managed to spin out in the confusion of what was going on and then someone got black flagged. Everyone was bumping in to everyone. IT WAS CRAZY!

The second session was a bit more calm with everyone knowing what to do. A little bit at least. I was at the front of the pack and i was about to lap someone but they spun in front of me and then i went straight into him. Big impact to be honest. I managed to get past him after the impact. It was the final lap. The third but best session was a race. 3,  2, 1,  and away we go. Unluckily I got spun out into the first chicane straight to dead last luckily it was done by lap times otherwise I would be last. So happy to win because I got the fastest lap time. 


The party room was huge. We ran about like wild animals – it was awesome. We had pizza – like the best ever pizza i have ever had – mum bought nibbles like sausages rolls. Lucy my sister ate all the cucumbers and carrots but did let us have some of the fruit. After we ate all the food, Mum brought out a cake that Teamsport had given us with candles on. Everyone sang Happy Birthday *cringe* and then we ate cake. We then mucked about for a bit longer. When the party was over, we had to pop all the balloons, my sister did not like it one bit and mum had to cover her ears! At the end I handed out the party bags and left it was an amazing way to celebrate my birthday at teamsport.

We dropped everyone home that we had picked up, and then Alex came and stayed over for a sleepover. We opened our party bags, ate cake  and we played on my xbox. The party bags were pretty decent to be honest. They were drawstring bags with straps too and had loads of Teamsport goodies in. Well happy. 


Kartal Motorsport Test Day at Hooten Park

Kartal Motorsport were recommended to my Mum and Dad last time we were at Wombwell as a potentially good team to have some practice sessions with. Although we can run on our own – Dad being a mechanic. We know there is a lot for us to learn. Mum made contact with Alan at Kartal, and arranged a testing session with him.

Arriving at Hooten

We had just arrived from 2 and a half hour trip to realise i had forgotten my overalls i was fuming and so was my mum and dad. Luckily Jamie who runs with Kartal Motorsport,  had a spare. I didn’t know what to say i couldn’t be luckier.

As my Dad worked on my go kart i played on my scooter. Suddenly, out of nowhere cadets were out on track but we weren’t ready yet so we missed the first session. Before long the next session arrived – it was a fast and furious day. The first session was a bit of a struggle finding the grip but we got there in the end.

Driver Coach

One of the biggest benefits of running with Kartal is that I had my own driver coach for the day. Mum has only just figured out my Alfano 6 (data computer) and managed to download the data so its good that she had someone to look at it with. Tom was my driver coach and he stood out on track. He watched my driving, the way I took my corners and where i was accelerating and breaking. After each session Mum downloaded the data from the Alfano and she and Tom and I would look through the data and could see what I was doing. 

Each session, Tom would give me something to focus on and to try and improve. The one thing I found the hardest at Hooten was to clip both curbs in the chicane, I could always get the second one but not always the first one. 


Dad (@mehcanic.kell) spent a bit of time with the top guy at Kartal Motorsport called Alan. He helped dad around my kart and they tried a few different things. I was on slightly the wrong gearing when we arrived. Dad changed it after a while. It didn’t make too much difference. Apparently the track was slippier than normal because of some other racing that had been on before our testing session and no-one was making their usual times. In one session I managed to loose the plug form my air box, but Kartal had a spare box I could borrow. 

My Dad changed the set up of the wheels on my kart because it is very slidy at the back end, but it didn’t make much difference either. I quite like it a bit looser though to be fair. I love the feeling of drifting in the corners. 

Over the day, we managed to get 7 sessions on track, it would have been 8 if we’d got out for the first one. It was a very tiring day but so much fun. I learned a lot. Dad learned a lot and Mum says she did too. Lucy spent most of the day on her space hopper happy as anything.

I am hoping to get out with Kartal Motorsport for one of the championships next year #YesNow.


Summer Series Final

TeamSport Leeds – Summer Series

My kart in the first session was rubbish! Fortunately it was just a practice session.  There were so many people at the track, there was a race in between the cadet and junior sessions, which made everything a bit livelier. 

Jump start by one of the others in the first race, but I was just ahead of him in 3rd. I was pushing really hard, and we were all driving close. I pushed a bit too hard and spun out and thankfully, the second race is a reverse grid! 

Under Pressure

You can feel the pressure! Another jump start on the grid!! I was behind one driver, who was a little on the slower side, but he was defending well. I had to keep calm and just wait for a chance, so I waited and waited. My chance then came, and I was in the right place at the right time and nipped through the gap that was open. I then had a few laps to pull away from the rest of the pack before they were able to find their gaps to pass. 

They did then get passed, and were catching me quite quickly. I held them back and was first through the chequered flag. This meant I finished the Summer Series in 3rd Overall.

What a season, my first summer series, my very first season and I finished on the podium! So happy! Super well done to Sam who was the overall winner, and Victor who came second.

Sam has his own YouTube Channel, and you can visit it and watch his videos HERE


OMG! Yes they did. There was a Dad’s race. Ben, Matt and the rest of the team at Teamsport Leeds decided an actual head to head race might not be the best idea! They realised it could be carnage! Race format was fastest lap, and the winner would be the one that simply got the fastest lap time. It was so excitng. Harrys Dad was winning for a while – harry came 3rd in the juniors series – but was soon overtaken by Sam’s dad. Then completely out of nowhere MY DAD did the fastest lap! Then another and another and another and I totally understand when Mum says that’s where I get it from. YEHBOI – he only went and won it. Super proud Dad. Top Bannana!


Learn more about TeamSport Leeds HERE

Sports day

Sports day has arrived.

We had to walk for about a 5 minutes to the cricket field were we did sports day. There were lots of children. We were split up into groups and my group was called swaledale B. Once we had arrived we got told which task we were meant to do. Our first game was javelin throwing. We scored 100 points exactly and then we moved on to the obstacle course.

The obstacle course was loads of fun and we got around 70 points for it. I think that is pretty good. Finally, we came to our last task which was these little jumps – like small hurdles. Again, we managed to get our team another 70 points which was epic.


Race time! I was feeling really confident because I came joint first with Josh last year. I got ready at the starting line and waited for the ‘go’. Ran super speedy and came 1st ! #YEAHBOI – maybe I can run even faster that my go kart. 

Next up, the second race and i was up against my nemesis called Josh. Yup, he beat me by a tiny bit. I came second place still happy though.

Urgh, now the race that nearly wiped me out! The long distance 400 metres yep. The race started i fell back to about 7th and then about half way through i gave it my all and managed to squeeze into third. I was exhausted and really struggling to catch my breath, more than normal so I decided maybe i should take some of my inhaler. I had three puffs on my inhaler and after a little while it seemed to settle my tightness. Did you know I have asthma? You can read about that HERE.

All in all not a bad day. 




First time at the Three Sisters Circuit

Our First time at the Three Sisters Circuit

5am! I had to get up at 5am to go karting! The shop wasn’t even open for us to grab some breakfast… Mum normally gets us croissants when were going out in the morning. Mum always has a coffee too – it makes her less grumpy!  Dad had already got our trailer ready so we only had to go and get it before setting off. Both of our karts go into the trailer and all of Dad’s kit with mine and Jamie’s go karts in we set of on our 2 hour journey to Wigan-three sisters.

When we got there it was shocking at how many racing teams and lots expensive equipment. It looked amazing and mum said we looked like the ‘poor cousins’ – I didn’t understand that when she said it. I thought it was because it was our first time at The Three Sisters Circuit with our own karts but it was actually because it was a BIG race meet weekend. 

When we got parked we met up with Jamie and his mum Jennie.  Our parents started to unload the go karts while we raced on scooters after getting sorted we heard our class get called to the grid. BUT. Our karts had a problem so we had to go on the next session. as we waited we watched our class go out and they were really good. It was a different track than the one we used at the kart school in the holidays. You can read about the novice and intermediate lessons we did at the Bill Sisley Kart school HERE.

Getting on Track

The next session is here and me and Jamie just took it slow and steady, it was really fun we just about to get called on to the grid and out of nowhere our indoor training teacher came Ben. We quickly got to the grid. It was much better and we kept up with some of the regular drivers.

By this time our seats were hurting us. My hips were hurting and Jamie’s ribs were hurting. Dad (on insta) put some foam into jamie’s which helped but I think he was already bruised by then. 

Lunch Break

We both had something to eat before the session. It came before we knew it so  we got to the grid and we were blasting round the track. For some reason I was doing Tokyo drifts round corners – ace!. The session ended and it was a lunch break. I had a burger hmmmmm yummy and Jamie had a sausage sandwich also yummy. After lunch we played on our scooters which in the end got boring until It was our turn again. I pulled away from Jamie and was right behind one of the others but he braked too early and caused me to spin out again that session ended really quickly as well.

Almost Over

Sadly it was our last session. Jamie wanted to follow me the racing line but  guess what – I  spun out – however I still managed to catch Jamie up and overtake witch is really good. Unfortunately we had to go home but i had good fun and I can’t wait to go again. Man I a tired and ready for my bed but what an epic day. #yeahboi

Next, I think we are going to Wombwell again probably just saturday but maybe the race on the sunday too. Depends on money and how i feel on the saturday.


Thanks for reading,
James x


At school we are taking part in the fiver challenge. In the fiver challenge me and my group got given a fiver, and you were allowed to use our own money to add to it.

Zak, who is in my group bought crisps, cake bars, skittles and candy sticks and Josh is getting some tomorrow. I bought some colourful beads and made customised bracelets for 50p with names on. I made some up for my friends and teachers to show them off. So then was able to take orders and ask my friends what they wanted on them. 

It has been really fun and a good experience over all in the first day we made around £15. and we still have two more days but one of those days i wont be there because I am going karting at Three Sisters Circuit, Wigan. 

at the car show

Our friend Barry is part of Harrogate Car Enthusiasts. He puts on a charity car show every year for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Getting ready

I got up early to get ready for the car show, I dressed myself  and then me and my dad went to pick my go kart up from work. When we arrived at work i helped my dad unload our truck that was at work. Once we unloaded the truck we carefully loaded my go kart into the truck. As we set off home, I remembered i had forgotten my kit. Luckily we were going home anyway to pick up my mum and sister.  At home i had to have breakfast and do my teeth and then we set off to the car show and guess what happened – you guessed it I FORGOT MY GO KIT. We went back and my mum got out and got it.

Getting there

Finally we were on our way to the car show and i was petrified that the go kart was going to fall out the back of the car because the end of it was sticking out because it was to big even for pick up truck. Eventually got there in one piece and we struggled to get the kart on the trolley. We worked together and did it. it took all of us to push it to the show. Dad parked my go kart next to someone called Chris White who owns BOXFAST RACING and the car he brought was a awesome racing Mini.

at the show

We set the go kart up on the ground. i had a little sit in it after that me and my sister had a go on the bouncy castle.  Me and my sister Lucy really enjoyed it. When we came back from the bouncy castle i found a little boy sitting in my go kart he seemed to enjoy it. Lucy was nagging for a teddy that she had seen. While she was nagging me and my mum went to get lunch and an ice cream.

After lunch we went for a walk. there were so many cars. Car groups from all over came and displayed their cars. All of them were really clean and shiney. It was great to see. There was even some old steam engines. One old tractor too.

Supercars were in one area, and there was a load of scooters too. My favourite was the MINI of that chris brought. I even got to sit in it!

James in the BOXFAST MINI


At the end of the day, Lucy finally got what she asked for. Dad took her over to the teddy competition stand, but she didn’t win the teddy. I went to the bouncy castle with my friend Harry. On the way back we saw peter rabbit so we ran to get Lucy.

Lucy loved peter rabbit and gave him a high five!


Advanced Session 1 – May 19th

Today was my first advanced session in the cadet academy at Teamsport Leeds.

The Paparazzi

I had a giggle at my Mum today, because she had to wear a Hi Viz jacket. This was so my Mum and Jamie’s Mum could take photographs of us from a different angle.

Advanced Session 1 and 2

So today we learned about kart control. Ben  had put out a lot of cones for us to drive around. He made extra chicanes in a few places so that he could test our skills. We had to turn, brake and accelerate our way around the cones.

Today I was on track with Jamie and Cameron. All three of us are good drivers and know the track really well. I enjoyed there only being three of us on track, because it meant I could really focus on what I was learning and not worrying about the traffic on the track.

Advanced Session 3 – RACE

As always, Ben saves the best till last and that means we get to race. We do one warm up lap and come around to the grid. Cameron was driving all over the place in his warm up lap – but I have now been told this is to warm up his tires. This is because the karts (and any race car) performs better if the wheels are warm as it means they have better grip!

How do we get our grid positions?  They are based on the lap times we did in the 2nd session and this meant that I was just behind Cameron in pole, which put Jamie just behind me.

It was a really good race. Cameron got a really good start which meant Jamie and I were left behind as we were a little slower off the start. I was having to really keep Jamie behind me and we were battling for the most of the first half of the race. We touched in the bottom corner and it meant that I got a bit ahead of him. Once I was in clear space I could focus on catching Cameron, which is exactly what I did and I put in my fastest lap!

I was catching him a bit more each lap and this meant that me and Cameron started battling. Jamie began to catch us up and all three of us were flying round together. There was no overtaking and I think that is because we are all very competitive!  I really enjoyed our session today and learned a lot.

Final Results

1st – Cameron
2nd – Me
3rd – Jamie

Because I love karting so much. Mum has arranged some outdoor karting for me. Jamie’s mum has booked him on too and we will be going to the Three Sisters track in Wigan during the May Half Term. We are so excited. You will have to read our blog on that one!


Back at it – another early Sunday start.

Back at it today – I had another another early start. My Mum booked a very last minute space for me. She messaged our coach (Ben) at like 9pm last night. He wasn’t at the track today though because it’s his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!

Session 1

Harry, who is in a bigger kart, had brought some friends for his Birthday. This meant there was a lot more people than usual. Two of his friends had never been in a go kart before. This made our first session very interesting. There was a lot of overtaking, some tidy and some not so much. Sam and Me had a big battle there was a bit of bumping but we made it as clean as we could. it was very close. Sam finished with a 46.1s fastest lap and me with a 46.2s.


Session 2

In the second session i had a much faster go kart, number 25. It was still a very close race. Sam is a very good driver. i started behind Sam and stayed behind for a few laps until i snuck into a gap it was an amazing race and my lap time was 45.9! The whole second session was much better and we all got some good track time. Its just a shame it is all over so fast. I can’t wait to be back at it again!

Sam Stoner

Sam has his own YouTube channel – super cool – and you can follow him HERE: I really hope that my Mum and Dad will get me a camera one day. I want so many things to help me get better and faster. I know they all cost money so i have started saving. I’m doing more chores around the house too to help.


Have you seen that I am doing pretty muddy – race for life? Read about it

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