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Getting signatures on my karting licence 

When you start karting you are given a novice licence. This means that I start at the back of the grid for all the heats. Well all of the novices do – in a random order. To get further up the grid in the MSUK races, I need to be getting 6 signatures on my licence to take off my novice plates.

Even further than that – I need 11 to be able to take part in the British Karting Championships next year. That is really my dream. My goal. My ambition. Its super expensive though so I don’t know if we can do it, but I’m going to collect the signatures I need. Just in case!

Signatures to date:
  1. Passing my test then race day
  2. February 2020 – Whilton Mill (WMKC)
  3. July 2020 – Fulbeck (FKC)
  4. August 2020 – GYG (MBKC)
  5. August 2020 – Fulbeck (FKC)
  6. August 2020 – Rowrah (NKF)
  7. August 2020 – Rowrah (NKF)
  8. September 2020 – Hooton Park (CKRC)
  9. October 2020 – Hooton Park (CRKC)


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