Coronavirus Lockdown – Part 1


Due to Coronavirus, me and my family have been stuck in lockdown since the 18th of march so today is my 20th day! I shared on my facebook before lockdown that I was going to be super careful when karting. The actual lockdown happened so quick tho. So far life has been really hard without karting. Looking on the bright sight the past few weeks we have had quite a good time with no SATS and no school.

Keeping Healthy

I’ve started to eat more of my fruit and veg than usual to keep my body healthy, I’ve been taking vitamin C every day as well. Because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus lockdown) I have been taking extra preventative inhaler – just incase. Keeping fit and healthy is always important. More so at the moment. To keep my fitness level up i have been doing P.E with Joe wicks on his Youtube Channel every morning with my little sister. Mum did it once with me but she’s working from home.

If you suffer from asthma, ASTHMA UK have loads of useful advice. Advice on coronavirus, lockdown, and asthma in general.

Keeping Busy

Me and my family have cleared out the garden and started to plant some strawberries and other bits and bobs. My amazing Dad has started to dig a whole in our garden to fit some new pipes in our garden. It means we will be able to get the hot tub back out again soon. mum and dad both put their money towards a PlaySeat and Logitec steering wheel and pedals (we bought ours second hand on Facebook Marketplace though) literally the weekend before lock down and they did it. I play it pretty much every day along with my dad i play project cars f1 2019 and wreckfest.

Me and my sister go out a lot, and love the trampoline. Dad has put up my Grump’s old tent and Lucy has enjoyed playing in it.

My mum has tried her best to order some online shopping but it is extremely hard since most of the world is too so instead we order from the local butcher and the fruit and veg shop even the bakery are delivering their goodies.

Clapping for our carers

We have been going out to clap on a thursday night 8pm with the rest of the UK. Mum cried the first night she said is was “very emotional”. When we clap we are clapping for the NHS, Police and Fire as well as carers, supermarket workers and every single person that is keeping the country going. The second time, Mum let us ring our cow bells from the Tour de Yorkshire!! We made a right racket! We have also done some pictures that we have put in our windows.

Mum has written about my Asthma (she has her own blog @motorsport_mum), you can read it here: –>


Part 2 coming soon…

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