Thanks for dropping by to visit my website, it means a lot to me. From here you can keep up to date with my progress by reading my blogs and checking out the results. 

My Mum and Dad will let you know all about the boring (but important) safety stuff, and equipment along the way as we go.

I don’t do this on my own, there is also my Mum (manager) and Dad (Mechanic), oh and my little sister Lucy (The Boss) and together we are figuring out the crazy world of karting, one session at a time!

I really look forward to sharing my journey with you!

Next On Track: August 27th
Three Sisters – Scholarship Final








How to get into karting for kids: Read my Mums blog on how to get started in karting, and everything else you can’t seem to find out!

From the Blog…

Kartal Motorsport Test Day at Hooten Park

Kartal Motorsport Test Day at Hooten Park

Kartal Motorsport were recommended to my Mum and Dad last time we were at Wombwell as a potentially good team to have some practice sessions with. Although we can run on our own - Dad being a mechanic. We know there is...

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Summer Series Final

Summer Series Final

TeamSport Leeds - Summer Series My kart in the first session was rubbish! Fortunately it was just a practice session.  There were so many people at the track, there was a race in between the cadet and junior...

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James has had asthma since before I can remember. He has been a terribly poorly boy over the years, and on several medications - some in fact had side effects that were terrifyingly similar in the severity of effects...

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About James

Hi, I am James. I was born in Harrogate in August 2009 and I live here with my Mum, Dad and little sister, Lucy.

I started karting in November 2018 after having problems trying to change football teams… and boy am I glad I did! I love it, and I am so very lucky that I am able to take part in it — thanks to my Mum and Dad. 

My karting began indoors at Teamsport in Leeds. I began their karting school and went once a fortnight to the karting academy. Having made my way up to advanced, I also took part in their summer series, winning a number of trophies and coming 3rd overall!

Now the proud owner of my own cadet kart, I am spending 2019 getting seat time and learning how to get the best out of my kart.

For 2020, I plan to take part in not one – but two championships! Wish me luck!

My 2019 Season 

21st August  –  Kart Club

27th August  – Scholarship Shootouts



September 7th / 8th – IKR Championship Round 6

October 12th & 13th  – Cock o’North & BKC Series & IKR Championship Round 7

November 9th / 10th – IKR Championship Round 8

December 7th / 8th – IKR Championship Round 9


4th August  –  Test Day with Kartal Motorsport



Sunday 25th August – My birthday party!!


15th August  –  Scholarship Qualifiers @ Three Sisters
(Heat 1, 6th to 1st. Heat 2, 3rd to 1st. Heat 3, 2nd to 1st. Final – 1st. FASTEST LAP)

Our Club Is Our Family

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Sponsors, Brands I Use, Supporters and the Charities I support.

Want to be a Supporter or Sponsor? Get in touch.

Karting is an gruelling and expensive vocation and I am so grateful to each and every one of you that chooses to support me in some form or another. You can have your name on my kart or helmet from as little as £10. 

Sponsors may include: technical sponsors as well as financial and consumables.